Russian Internal Communications Forum 2017 in Moscow in May 25th

Internal Communication is facing some important challenges these days.

The use of social media, portable devices, multiculturalism, data protection, transparency, integration with public relations and corporate communications are, among others, issues that are very present on our day to day.

These must be seen as opportunities to show our importance and one step more to consolidate our image within the organizations.

People is becoming the most important organizational resource in our countries so it should be “preserved and touched” with care.

These were some of the trends and topics that I presented in the Internal Communications Forum 2017 in Moscow in May 25th for more than one hundred Russian internal communication professionals most of them from big Russian companies and international branches.

After the invitation by Auditorium, a Russian based company specialized in high-profile events, I had the opportunity to share FEIEA and personal visions about these subjects.

It was also an opportunity to present our EPIC framework and our Grand Prix.

This was a very profitable opportunity to exchange experiences and to look for future opportunities.

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