2015 Class 9: Best cartoon/illustration/graphic image (Winner)

Instituto Informatico

Winner: Instituto de Informática

Entry Title: Agora SEI! (Now I Know!)

Instituto de Informática

We are a public institution indirectly integrated in State Administration, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy and heritage of its own, with intervention on all the national territory.

We have 283 employees – headquarters and local districts

We define policies and strategies of Information and Communication Technologies, ensuring the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of initiatives of computerization and technological update.

Our Mission is to provide appropriate solutions, that meet the customer needs of information and communication technologies, regarding the service that is provided to citizens and companies.

Our main values are trust, Innovation and expertise.

In order to ensure the fulfillment of our mission, through the Values by which we operate, we work daily with the purpose of satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers and partners, helping to improve the quality of public service.



Because we value knowledge management and communication between workers, we have an internal communications initiative, called SEI! (SEI means I KNOW and the letters are representative of Internal Knowledge Sessions), that allow and encourage the sharing and transfer of knowledge between people and teams in the organization.

The sessions are proposed and conducted by “information owners “, have a main theme, have no defined periodicity, occurring when there is need, and are intended for all employees or a particular segment.

The Communication and Sustainability Area is responsible for the preparation and dissemination of these sessions.

In 2014, 5 sessions SEI! were conducted, where 556 workers attended.


Complement the way we communicate, with something new, different, not yet used as a communication support.

Enhance knowledge management, that translate in the synthesis of the information that is transmitted in the sessions SEI!, through an illustration.


Instituto de Informática employees.

Descriptive Document

The illustration is made in real time, on a white sheet of A3 size, using pencil and black pen, during a SEI! Session.

Key ideas and relevant information, result in a synthesis that is drawn or complemented in text and framed logically and sequentially on the page.

Remarks by workers who attend the session are included.

After the session, the illustration is improved and completed.

Is presented to the owner of the information to be validated, guaranteed that the graphical representations and texts correspond to the information that was passed in the session.

Once validated, the illustration is scanned in high definition and published in pdf format, in the Internal Webletter, complementing the news of the session.

Results / Gains

  • Innovative and appealing communication support;
  • Allows access to information to all employees, including those highlighted in different points of the country;
  • Relevant information of the contents of the sessions, synthesized and with the inclusion of the contributions and participation of those present;
  • For being a graphics support, allows you to focus on the key ideas to take account of and easier information retention;
  • The information transmitted in the sessions is quickly understood;
  • The attention and the interest of the target audience are motivated and results achieved;
  • The initiative is valued by workers;


Sustainability and Communication Area

Hugo Teixeira – Coordinator
Patrícia Costa – Image and Communication Technician Sandra Francisco – Image and Communication Technician Sofia Branco – Image and Communication Technician


*Note: For this Grand Prix we chose the Agora Sei! illustration about security awareness