2015 Class 11: Best intranet (Winner)


Winner: REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, SGPS, S.A

Entry Title: Best Intranet


REN released, in November 2014, a new intranet, a platform based on the sharing of experiences and in celebration of successes. Developed on the basis of a more participatory and collaborative culture, our objective was, first and foremost, facilitate the daily life of the company staff.

Our biggest challenge was to bring an efficient, innovative and immersive intranet. That’s why developed a HomePage (HP) where are the corporate information, initiatives, activities, key figures, all in one place. Additionally, employees of REN can still find on HP useful widgets like weather, calendar, menu, Instagram or Twitter, among others.

To facilitate navigation, the “search” function has been strengthened and implemented a “Quick links” area. There is also the possibility of each employ to edit personal information, add contacts, learn which ones are online and interact with them, whether in chat or video mode. Can still be placed comments, as an internal social network, so others can comment or just put a “like”. -over 3560 “likes” have been made since the launch of the intranet.

Also important are the notifications, which act as embretes shared with everyone: since events, important activities, through recent publications
Been created badges of interaction. These badges can be earned automatically, through a series of actions made within the Intranet, revealing at the same time unknown personality traits by the developers of REN, but that let you create and foster laces the link. More than 3 thousand badges were awarded from the beginning. To encourage a participatory and collaborative corporate culture, we created RENcomendações. An area that allows the sharing of personal experiences, or preferences, and which already has 360 thousand viewers.

As the results, since it came into operation in November 2014 until March 2015, 676 employees already had 116 thousand sessions. The average time of each session was about 7 minutes.

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