2015 Class 13: Best use of social media (Winner)


Winner: Siemens Portugal

Entry Title: X-PHOTO Campaign

Best use of social media – X-Photo Contest
X-Photo Facebook Contest
2▪ To promote an raise awareness to the importance of medical radiation, Siemens Portugal launched a global campaign, which included an out-of- the box social media initiative – X-Photo;

▪ APP to simulate, through filters, an image of inside of the body, like an X-ray. The participants, such as Siemens ́s employees, were invited to create their own artworks and show their inner beauty – submitting photos of themselves and applying filters of elements of inside the body, worked individually;

▪ The 3 most voted images won prizes related to art to get to know the beauty of Portugal cities (voucher in a famous Portuguese chain of hotels, and Lisbon or Oporto cards);

▪ Launched at September 23 at Siemens Portugal Facebook (www.facebook.com/siemensportugal), the contest lasted 3 weeks.

Exhibition “Artist Vein” at Siemens Forum Lisbon and Oporto

5▪ Simultaneous exhibitions in both SiemensForum Lisbon and Oporto during 3 months (September to November 2014);

▪ 14 “paintings” in each exhibition;

▪ These are all winning images of the three editions of the Siemens International CT Image Contest;

▪ All images had a subtitle explaining the medical case and the radiation dose used to generate the image portrayed;

▪ Employees had the chance to visit it and invite customers and partners

Internal: to envolve employees in this thematic, we used internal and media channels

E-mail to employees inviting them to participate as well

Several posts at Siemens Social Network (internal social media channel similar with Facebook)

Highlight in intranet

External: Cover photo, promoted post and several posts in Siemens Portugal Facebook during the contest

Best use of social media – X-Photo Contest Results


  • 42 entries – more than 20% were from employees
  • 62.889 visualizations of the tab
  • 4.099 clicks reached with Facebook Promoted Post • 2.516 new fans on Siemens Portugal Facebook
  • Total reach: 603.584
  • Average reach per day: 28.742
  • Number of people who interact with the page: 7.463

Dose Campaign – „Artist Vein“
What did it involve – major initiatives