2015 Class 14: Best internal communication event (Winner)

EDP Energias de Portugal

Winner: EDP – Energias de Portugal

Entry Title: EDP ONE Encontros 2014



EDP is now the largest Portuguese company, the largest investor in Portugal and the biggest Portuguese investor in the world. It is an energy company – gas and electricity – which currently operates in a very challenging legislative and regulatory market context. It is present in 13 countries and it deals with 30 nationalities.
Every two years it promotes Meetings of EDP Employees, a unique internal event that intends to share, in a very close and compelling way, the company’s successes, the market challenges and the future goals. On the other hand, this is also an opportunity to share, motivate and interact between the entire company that strengthens, year after year, a common culture, shared among each and every person that contributes on a daily basis to EDP success.


The briefing had two main strands: the need of finding a dynamic and innovative event format that took the company’s key messages to the employees; and the need of finding a concept and a graphic image representative of EDP’s culture and spirit. It was also mandatory that this image and concept could be used in all the countries where EDP operates.


The concept was developed under the idea of dimension, union and leadership, at the same time that projects the future and the company’s growth supported on people and business.
The concept materialized on the brand “EDP ONE” with the signature “Together for better energy”. Graphically four different images were created representing the company’s values – Sustainable, Humane and Innovative.

The EDP ONE brand can also be used on photographic backgrounds representative of EDP’s business. Therefore images were created that could be associated to the different business areas with the purpose of being used on stage projections and communication pieces.


The alignment of the event was built in order that it would combine business moments with employees recognition moments and entertainment.
The President of the General and Supervision Council and the President of the Executive Council of EDP were on stage to make a review of the past two years, share the goals of the new Business Plan, talk about the expansion plan for new markets, about the focus on the client and about the Employees role on EDP’s new and future challenges.

With an active participation on the company’s life, the employees voted on the intranet on the topics that they wanted to be answered by the Administration Council’s team on the event. Human Resources Policy, Group EDP Financial Strategy and the client’s importance were the most voted topics and they were enlightened before the whole audience.


Meetings EDP are also a moment to pay tribute and award the employees that made a difference on the last years. It was also highlighted the social responsability, an area that, with the support of EDP Foundation, the employees can get envolved and through it leave their mark on the society.
On stage were also employees that gave their testemony about what it’s like to work for EDP – visions and separate experiences, shared side by side by different generations, but always very positive and contagious.

The event was animated by the performance of the magician Mário Daniel; by groups of Portuguese musicians – Áurea, Raquel Tavares, Ala dos Namorados and Shout! – that closed the event after a sitting lunch.

Meetings EDP is a very anticipated event, which raises a lot of curiosity and always has a high component of innovation and novelty.
For 2014, on the meeting held at the Pavilhão Atlântico, a stage in the center has been designed with about 12 meters of diameter, and a 360o screen. A screen shaped in a circle, all around the room, with 300 meters length and 10 meters high. Every content, videos and presentations were designed and projected as a single piece with 300 meters that caused the feeling of being involved and immersed on the visual contents universe.

This was the largest circle presentation on a European level, with contents designed and adapted to this dimension, with a high impact surround system that provided a unique experience to the participants.
With the goal of taking the employees to the EDP world in an innovative way, it was also used a process of augmented reality. Tridimentional images showed up on stage allowing the speaker to interact with them causing a great curiosity on the audience.

EDP ONE image was applied on every material, from interior to exterior signs on Pavilhão Atlântico, transportation, accreditation, cloakroom, table decoration, promotors uniforms, gifts, support rooms and dressing rooms for artists.


The event Meetings EDP was developed by the Brand and Communication Office and Desafio Global Ativism as a partner. It took eight months of preparation that had the cooperation of 450 people.
Some of the great numbers on this project: 66 sound columns with 60.000 watts, 280.000 video projectors, 90% low consumption led lighting, 3000 square meters screen.

On Catering 700 coffee liters, 7500 portions of fruit, 2000 liters of soup, 1850 kilos of meat, 140 000 silverware, plates and glasses, among others.


EDP has a series of internal communication tools that were used before the event to promote the Meeting, after the Meeting to disclose photos, videos and the most relevant messages left by the EDP board members; and the event had some live TV interventions made from the outside to the inside of the facility.


This is the most valued event by EDP employees. The online satisfaction survey conducted after the event revealed a positive overall assessment rating of 99% from the participants.


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