Whenever an Association would like to become FEIEA’s member we ask for:
  • Legal constitution documents;
  • Governance structure and contacts;
  • Statutes or articles;
  • Number of members (companies/corporate, individuals, public, etc)
  • Last year annual report;
  • Web presence: website, facebook, instagram, …;
  • English summary about the association activity, main projects and the role of Internal Communications on the activity.

Based on the supplied information, FEIEA’s Secretary General will prepare a document called “applicant approval” to be submitted to FEIEA’s Council for approval .

If the Council approved the “applicant” the new member will become an Associate Member for the period of one year.

During this first year, the associate members:
  • Will pay 25% of the normal member fee;
  • Will receive all paperwork and can attend Council meetings, but have no voting rights.

For further informations, contact us