Know more about Ljubljana and Slovenia

Ljubljanais one of the more charming capitals in Europe and offers visitors a multitude of architectural, cultural and culinary experiences. Its city center is known for a vibrant atmosphere, with many cultural events taking place all year round. It is rich with museums, unique architectural creations form different time periods and welcomes visitors with its many bars and restaurants that stretch along the curving Ljubljanica River. The old city center is a pedestrian area, perfect for strolling, socializing and shopping

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Sloveniaoffers an exceptional diversity of nature and landscape as well as its many architectural and cultural treasures. It occupies a small area stretching from the peaks of the Julian Alps, to limestone karst and the coast of Adriatic Sea, to the lowlands of Pannonia. It offers natural beauty with emerald-green rivers like Soča and alpine lakes like Bled, subterranean karst treasures of Postojna and Škocjan caves and the seaside with its Mediterranean vibe, like in the scenic Piran. Slovenia enriches its natural treasures with charming architecture, which varies from the Venetian harbor towns of the coast and the rustic Hungarian-style farmhouses of the Pannonian lowlands to the Gothic churches of the Julian Alps and the art nouveau splendors of Ljubljana. To top the visitors experience in Slovenia are a lovely people and wonderful food and wine.

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