IoIC – Institute of Internal Communication
President: Suzanne Peck
FEIEA link: Steve Doswell
Address: Suite G10, Gemini House, Sunrise Parkway, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6PW
Phone: +44 (0)1908 232168
E-Mail: enquiries@ioic.org.uk
Web: www.ioic.org.uk


Description of the association 

The British Association of Industrial Editors was founded in 1949; its early members were largely editors of house magazines and newspapers. This very much reflected the thrust of employee communication at the time.

Gradually, the organisation’s activities expanded to cover a broader range of tools and strategic issues, relating to both internal and external communication. This was reflected in the title it held until 2010– the British Association of Communicators in Business.

Members of the association voted on 23rd September 2009 to change the association to the Institute of Internal Communication, and this status change took place formally in May 2010. It is a natural product of the organisation’s strong foundations in internal communication – apparent from its very first members in 1949 – and the depth and breadth of its current members’ expertise.

The move also reflects a steadily growing profile for internal communication in recent years, and an overwhelming weight of opinion and evidence highlighting its importance to the achievement of a whole range of critical business goals.

Around 20,000 people in the UK are now working in a role that focuses entirely or to a considerable degree on internal communication issues.

The greater complexity of internal communication activities today, not least due to the wide range of tools and technologies at communicators disposal, have also made it more important that practitioners can receive support from a dedicated professional body focusing entirely on this discipline.

The move to institute status confirms the body’s strong focus on accredited professional development and leading-edge knowledge on workplace dynamics, innovative approaches and best practice.

A detailed history of IoIC and how this has progressed in tandem with the evolution of internal communication is available. For a copy (postage only payable), contact enquiries@ioic.org.uk

Our main objectives 

Advocacy – we work continuously to convince organisations of the importance of effective communications

Standards – we aim to improve the standard of internal communications practice and delivery

Status – we strive to maintain and enhance the professional standing of our members

Networking – we promote the regular exchange of ideas, insights and experience both between members and within the internal communications industry

Development – we actively develop the management and technical skills of our members and provide education and training in key aspects of internal communication.

Our services 

A range of national and regional vocational training courses and seminars.

Major two-day annual conference held in May.

Annual awards competition: the prestigious Communicators in Business Awards are the largest competition of their kind in Europe, attracting as many as 1,200 entries.

The awards ceremony is normally held during the Communicators in Business conference in May.

CiB also nominates an annual Communicator of the Year and has introduced a fast-growing communication strategy awards competition. The awards event is normally held in November.

On-line discussion forum for freelance members.

A flagship member magazine, Communicators, produced 10 times a year.


A monthly e-newsletter (e-zine) – free to anyone who wishes to subscribe, whether members of the association or not. It is currently circulated to a rapidly growing audience of 3,000 communicators in over 50 countries.

Grand Prix Contact

United Kingdom and Ireland
Steve Doswell 
(IoIC) FEIEA Grand Prix
IoIC – Institute of Internal Communication,
Suite G10, Gemini House, Sunrise Parkway, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6PW
United Kingdom