BViC changed its name to vonk

The Belgian Association for Internal Communications has changed its name to vonk. This new name, which is Dutch for ‘spark’, and identity was launched on Thursday 20 April on the annual Internal Communications-congres in Vilvoorde, near Brussels.

“The last few years we have witnessed quite an evolution in our profession”, says vonk president Peter Op de Beeck. “Internal communications has become much more than merely informing your employees. According to us, there are three areas in communications that are important for the wellbeing of employees. Those are engaging and motivating, connecting and making employees proud about their job and employer, and also supporting and advising about changes in the organisation.”

In short, internal communications has become bonding people. The name change reflects that evolution. “The new name and new logo was developed in co-creation with the board and our group of core members and are a symbol for what we want to be: a network organisation that inspires, develops and informs its members about the trends and best practices in our profession”, Peter Op de Beeck continues. “We share experiences, fan the fire for internal communications and pass on energy.”

“It continues to be the mission of our organisation to support internal communicators via networking, knowledge sharing and training”, the president concludes. “We want to offer them deeper insights and new skills so they can cope with future challenges in internal communications.

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