Lessons learned from Covid – Belgian speaker announced

Join Serena Galeone, PR Officer & Spokesperson at Sibelga, Belgian distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas, on 17 March as she talks about how lessons learned in IC last year have enabled them to face the second lockdown more efficiently.

Serena is speaking at the first of our three one-hour online webinars on IC LESSONS LEARNED ONE YEAR INTO THE COVID PANDEMIC.

The FEIEA webinar series is focusing on three key insights:
– Human well-being & strong leadership are fundamental (17th March)
– The obscure side of digital transformation (24th March)
– Happiness at work (31st March)

Book for FEIEA’s webinar series at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/feiea-showcase-ic-coronaproof-tickets-141707552103


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