Creating happiness at work for organizational success

Happiness at work is about far more than job satisfaction, free fruit, a games area or employee surveys. It also relies on clear purpose, relationships, trust and communication, said Griet Deca, Chief Happiness Officer and co‐founder of Belgian firm, Tryangle, at FEIEA’s final showcase webinar.

This was the final session in FEIEA’s Lasting Impacts: Lessons Learned from Internal Communications During the Covid-19 Pandemic three-part webinar series which brought together case studies and thinking from its European community. Keynote speaker Griet outlined what leads to happiness at work and how to put it into practice.

When the basic needs on your list are fulfilled, like a good job, decent salary and a good working environment, you will feel satisfied at work. But happiness at work goes deeper than this, she said.
Your happiness at work is mainly determined by the people you work with and the purpose you find in your work as well as foundations such as trust, honesty, safety, connection, appreciation and progress – and the power of positivity.

Achieving happiness a work has a ROI for organizations including:
• Healthy, resilient and productive employees
• Better teamwork
• More sense of responsibility
• Higher engagement
• Stronger motivation
• Better service.
She cited research on how happiness at work increases productivity: Gallup research in 2017 found that investing in happiness at work resulted in 22% productivity and the business case on happiness at work from Hutten in the Netherlands a year later had employees reporting 50% more engagement and 31% productivity.
And Danes are so happy at work, they have a word for it: arbejdsglæde. Arbejde means “work” and glæde means “happiness,” so arbejdsglæde is “happiness at work.”

Together with her team at Tryangle, Griet supports organizations who want to work on well-being and happiness at work using training, coaching, teambuilding and consulting tools. In 2018, Griet wrote « Van welvaart naar werkgeluk » (Which translates as “from prosperity to happiness at work”) and in 2019 she received the title of Happiness Personality of the year.

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