Speaker case studies reveal how to build an effective feedback culture within organizations

Case studies on Healthy Communication Inspired by a Feedback Driven Culture’ from Portugal’s Ageas Group and ‘Listening as a Company Lifestyle’ from Italy’s Intesa Sanpaolo are the first two practical sessions in FEIEA’s June webinar series.

Following our first successful series of webinars about the impact of COVID-19 on internal communications, FEIEA is returning with two stimulating and thought-provoking sessions showcasing practical examples and case studies on how to develop a successful feedback culture within organizations.

 On Wednesday 9 June, Inês Simões of Ageas Group, Portugal, is sharing the firm’s experience with a case study called Healthy Communication inspired by a feedback-driven culture.

She says: “Feedback is about reacting to stimulus. When the organizational culture promotes and allows active and proactive feedback, this can be converted into amazing and stimulating communication focused on people. It’s all about getting feedback from people to give back, and doing that by surprising, engaging, challenging!

“At the end, if we can give an answer to the employee’s question “What’s in it for me?”, then we did a good job.”

This will be followed by Italy’s Giorgio Agagliati, Internal Communications senior expert at Intesa Sanpaolo on Listening as a Company Lifestyle.

He will be sharing their G-R-T philosophy (*) which is a structured approach to listening, as well as exploring what’s listening for? i.e. What do we do the day after? (* Goals – Recipients – Tools)

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