Two case studies to be shared at today’s feedback culture webinar

Two best practice examples of how internal communications is generating a  healthy culture of feedback within organizations are being shared at today’s FEIEA webinar series.

Stéphane Mader, Head of Group Marketing & Communications at Swiss Bobst SA, is explaining how during the pandemic they kept contact with all 5,600 employees worldwide, avoiding disconnection and supporting a community.

Meanwhile, Sofie Van Eemeren, HR & People Lead from Belgium’s Mobile Vikings, will talk about how they keep people connected and share their vibrant company culture along with Vikings’ (a.k.a Customer) Centricity. She will explain how Mobile Vikings stays loyal to its company values by maintaining a continuous feedback culture, kept alive through tooling, processes and lasting and recurring attention.

Join more than 40 communicators from around Europe on today’s session – you can book your place here:

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