What our judges are looking for in a winning entry

We’ve been asking our expert judges for FEIEA’s Grand Prix awards for their thoughts on what makes an entry stand out – and gets it to the shortlist for an award.

Here’s what they say:

UK judge: Steve Doswell, corporate communication consultant, Gemini Communicating for Business
“I’m looking for clear signs that the communication is linked with business objectives, that it speaks to employees in an adult-to-adult way, and that there’s evidence that the communication team has made a good effort to measure the real impact of their work. And if the communication sparkles, too, that’s a bonus – but the fundamentals have to be there first.”

Slovenian judge: Anja Potočnik, Specialist for Media and Internal Communications, SIJ Group
“The winning case should be outstanding and innovative but also contributing to all-embracing company’s objectives. One hit wonders can be tempting and attractive, but if they do not support established tone of communication they are not bringing measurable results in the long run. “

Italian judge: Stefano Murdaca Corporate Communication Specialist, Sella Group
“We consider creativity, innovation, quality and, most of all, results. In fact, the lack of a result-oriented strategy is often one of the most common causes of failure of a good communication initiative. Candidates should remember that numbers are what turns opinions into concrete results.”

Slovenian judge: Mateja Edelbaher, internal communications specialist, Moje komuniciranje
“I look out for the out of the box ideas that work for the intended audience and meet business goals. Most important though, is the effectiveness of the communication, so the case that can present evidence of measured effect is always more convincing. “

UK judge: Oli Howard, Membership Strategy Lead, CIPD
‘The things that make a really strong case for me are a deep understanding of the business challenge to be addressed, a clear analysis of the role of communication in meeting that challenge, and an honest and robust evaluation of the difference that was made – ideally with quantitative measures to support this.’

UK judge: Claudi Schneider, Senior film Producer, Sequel Group
“The best entries explain and demonstrate really clearly: an understanding of the brief, challenges and priorities; strong strategy and creative; and excellent execution – something that stands out, is original and that’s made a connection with the target audience. Rounding this off is the project’s impact, proof of reach, evidence of behaviour or cultural change, and qualitative and quantitative feedback. We’re looking to see that project goals have been met, and the return on investment and value the communication has added.”

You have until 30 September to enter this year’s FEIEA Grand Prix awards!

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