vonk – netwerk voor interne communicatie
President: Peter Op de Beeck
FEIEA link: Martine Van Driessche
Address: Postbus 123, 2018, Antwerp – Belgium
Contact: +32 474 17 99 35


The Belgian Association for Internal Communication is the number 1 association for internal communication specialists in the Flanders and Brussels region of Belgium.

Our main objectives:

  • Create a platform where Belgian IC professionals can meet and build their IC knowledge and skills;

  • Provide a range of training aimed at internal communications professionals in different stages of their career through a range of services, products and events;

  • Promote the specialism internal communications;

  • Maintain and promote the discipline internal communications;

  • Build bridge with other related disciplines (Human Resources, Organisational Development, …) ;

  • Actively encourage and sponsor academic research related to internal communication.

Our services

  • LinkedIn group with +1000 members who discuss IC related matters;

  • Twitter account where +700 followers follow the latest news on IC;

  • Awards competition: best intranet, personnel magazine, internal campaign;

  • Quick scan of intranet and personnel magazine (in collaboration with partners);

  • Education & training: workshops, masterclasses, Academy for Internal Communications,  conferences


Services exclusively for members

  • Discounts on events and training;

  • Free of charge networking events;

  • E-books on IC related topics;

  • Monthly newsletter with trends and development within the field of IC;

  • Case studies;

  • Book reviews;

Grand Prix Contact

Sarah Vangheluwe
(VONK) FEIEA Grand Prix
Postbus 123, 2018 Antwerpen Centraal Station
Contact: +32  474 41 45 84