Each year FEIEA awards a restricted number of Diplomas of Honour, in recognition of outstanding services in the promotion of better business communications in Europe.

This year 2015 the awarded professionals where:


  • Appointed by VIKOM – Verband für Integrierte Kommunikation (Austria): Theresa Schmidt

Theresa Schmidt (Foto) II

“Theresa Schmidt is managing the back-office and administration of VIKOM, the Austrian Association of Business Communicators, since 2010. She is the first and central point of contact for the members and prospective members of VIKOM and stands for professional service to bring on the aims oft he Austrian Business Communicators Association.

Thanks to her persistance, drive and committment Theresa ensures a smooth running of the association, supporting the board members in implementing the association’s activities. She handles all national and FEIEA awards matters, organises member events, handles all administrative matters and many more.
Theresa exhibits a high sense of priorities and is a significant pillar in supporting the board members of VIKOM in running a professional communications association.”

  •  Appointed by BVIC – Belgische Vereniging voor Interne Communicatie (Belgium): Freddy Poelman

Freddy Poelman (Photo)“Mr. Freddy Poelman


Freddy has already a long career with our association, once being our president, and the last years (in fact as long as I myself can remember) he’s our ‘acting’ treasurer although having retired already for quite some years.

We do admire Freddy for his deep passion and unconditional dedication, and we’re extremely thankful for his continuous support, and his seriousness and rigor when it comes down to us spending the money. On top, we can always count on Freddy when we want a clear opinion or some wise counsel.

He’s really “one in a million” J”

  • Appointed by ASCAI – Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Comunicazione Aziendale in Italia (Italy): Fanny La Monica

0619_16nov15_204204“Fanny La Monica holds a degree in Biology and a specialization degree in Microbiology. After an experience of study and Teaching Assistantship at the Syracuse University in the US, she lands in the pharma industry, joining first Allergan and then Pfizer.
Fanny joined Pfizer as Product Manager first in the anti- infective and then in the cardiovascular therapeutic area.

Thanks to her deep and renowned scientific knowledge coupled with brilliant communications skills she has been able to cover a variety of marketing positions, such as Group Product Manager and Marketing Manager, up to Head of Communications role to which she was appointed at the end of the nineties.

Today, she in charge of internal and external communication as well as media relations within Corporate Communications function in Pfizer Italia. Amongst many professional successes in this role, a particular mention should me made for the “Viverla Tutta” (“Live it all”) initiative, a social communications campaign based upon four stories of patients and caregivers, chosen amongst almost four thousands, which was launched with the aim of promoting a stronger focus on patients and their needs as well as providing them with concrete responses capable of improving diagnostic, treatment and care paths.”

  • Appointed by APCE – Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa (Portugal): Rita Pinho Branco


  • Appointed by SIK / PRSS – Internal Communication Section at Slovenian Society for Public Relations (Slovenia): Vesna Petkovšek

vesna petkovsek 1 cr“Vesna is highly experienced IC practitioner, consultant and manager.
After graduating from University in Ljubljana at Faculty of Social Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies as in theory and methodology direction in 2000, Vesna started her career as a journalist at her local town regional weekly newspaper. In the year 2003 she entered into the world of corporate communications. She started as an internal journalist at joint stock company Gorenje, a part of Gorenje Group, writing for internal weekly bulletin and monthly magazine. She soon proved to be an excellent internal communicator and was promoted to Head of Internal Communications at Gorenje Group in 2007.

In the past eight years she demonstrated to be an excellent and diligent head of internal communications in of the most respectable international, intercultural, world-wide present corporation Gorenje Group, responsible for communicating with over 10,000 employees across 90 countries around the world. Her responsibilities and commitments consist of preparing the internal strategies, projects, tools, events, and acting as an executive editor in printed, visual and digital internal communications.

The year 2007 was turning point for Vesna in many ways. Besides becoming a Head of Internal Communications at Gorenje Group she also became a Member of the Board of Internal Communication Section at Slovenian Society for Public Relations and a Member of the Executive Committee of FEIEA association. In the year 2007, also due to Vesna’s efforts, the shift of Slovenian IC Section from Slovenian Association of Journalists to Slovenian Society for Public Relations was smoothly executed.

From that point on Vesna is acting until this day (and on-going) as a Vice President of FEIEA association where she is actively engaged in improving the association, preparing the annual work plans and coordinating the life and work of the FEIEA association with other board members. Vesna is also a receiver of several national and international expert communication awards: Papirus, Prizma, InCo and FEIEA.

SIK – PRSS (Internal Communication Section at Slovenian Society for Public Relations) is proud to have Vesna Petkovšek as a member and a fellow and we are proud to express that she is one of the most eminent figures in the world of internal communication in Slovenia and are proud to nominate her for the FEIEA Diploma of honour.”

  • Appointed by IoIC – Institute of Internal Communication (United Kingdom): Dominic Walters

Dominic Walters (Photo)“Dominic is a highly experienced and distinguished IC practitioner. He has worked for many years as a consultant specialising in leadership communication.

After graduating from Cambridge University with a bachelor of arts (BA Hons) degree in History in 1988, Dominic spent nearly eight years in a variety of training and communication roles with Lloyds Bank. He later spent two years in the HR consulting division of PricewaterhouseCoopers, before joining Synopsis as a senior consultant, where he formed a long-standing working relationship with Bill Quirke, one of the most eminent figures in the world of internal communication. Nowadays, Dominic works around the world advising and working with leadership teams on a variety of projects focused on organisational change, communication and leadership.

Dominic joined what is now IoIC in 1997. He was made a Fellow of the organisation in 2005. During many years of service, he has served as regional treasurer and Chairman in the south west region, as national Chairman, and more recently as the chair of IoIC’s governance committee. Dominic is also experienced as a seminar facilitator, and earlier this month (12th November) he presented IoIC’s annual Insight Seminar in London.

Dominic has also been a university lecturer and he was also instrumental in brokering an accord between IoIC and Southampton Solent University. This link with Southampton Solent is now part of the backbone of IoIC’s qualification programme and as such, it is one of IoIC’s most important relationships.
He is widely recognised as a wise counsel and a diplomat and IoIC has called upon these qualities on many occasions.

IoIC is proud to have Dominic Walters as a member and a Fellow and so we are delighted to be able to nominate him for the FEIEA Diploma of honour.”

Appointed by FEIEA’s President António Rapoula

  • ASCAI – Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Comunicazione Aziendale in Italia (Italy) for it’s 60th anniversary


  • APCE – Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa (Portugal) for it’s 25th anniversary