2015 Class 3: Best multi-national communication strategy (Winner)


Company Name: Intesa Sanpaolo

Entry Title: A multi-national, multilingual Corporate WebTv


A multi-national, multilingual Corporate WebTv as part of the Internal Communications International Strategy


The project is strictly linked to Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s dimensions and organizational structure.
That’s why we choose to unify in this unique paper both the strategy and project presentation and the background.
Indeed, a mix of such ingredients is to some extent inborn in the project.


Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s presence covers 41 Countries and employs more than 92,000 people, 27% of them are non-Italian. Different Countries, languages, social and economic environments made it difficult to enhance people’s sense of belonging to a unique Group, and evidence of knowledge and information enpowerrment needs arose from our Climate Surveys.

Such situation inspired an Internal Communications International Strategy, and a multi-step one: a multi- national evolution of our Corporate WebTv, an international in-house online magazine, a worldwide Intranet. The first step thas has been achieved is the multi-national, multilingual Corporate WebTv.

This presentation is completed by a video file, please check it here

1. INTENSA SANPAOLO GROUP: facts and figures

Source: Intesa Sanpaolo Group Internet site, data as at 30 June 2015




Internal Communications Mission

To manage internal communications initiatives aimed at encouraging the development of values and culture of the Group. To take care of planning, coordination and implementation of the internal communications of the Group at international level, in order to develop, in line with the strategic guidelines, the corporate culture and values, favoring the build-up and the enforcement of people’s sense of belonging.

Our People

More than 92,000 Employees

  about 73% in Italy
  about 27% in other Countries

belonging to the same Group, but speaking different languages, coming from different corporate cultures, living and working in different social and economic environments.

From our Climate Surveys – that we hold on regular basis – we got evidence that a significant amount of our Colleagues, both in Italy and in the other Countries, felt they had inadequate knowledge and informations about each others, their professional life and the Group itself.


On Field Survey

Starting from the needs emerging from the Climate Surveys, an Internal Communications team visited most of our Subsidiaries. With the help of our local Colleagues, we interviewed both managers and employees at their workplace, in order to collect their real information and knowledge needs and wishes, together with habits and constraints in using the Internal Communications tools.

By constraints we refer, e.g., to shifts and time shortage for people in the branches, as to technical ones, such us different bandwidths or IT systems.
This “I.C. Tour” provided us with precious data and inspiring information to build-up a really customer-oriented strategy.

The goal and the main issues

The goal was to enhance working and living in the Company and to empower the relationship with customers through a better knowledge of the Group and a stronger sense of belonging.

We focused on five main issues:

  • Information, as the food for better living and working in the Group
  • Engagement, as a result of better knowing
  • Change, throughout meeting different experiences
  • Reliability, coming from a visible effort by the Company to give answers to Employees needs
  • Responsibility, as a consequence of a stronger sense of belonging.

A multi-step route

In order to pursue and reach the goal, a multi-step route was defined:

  a multi-national evolution of our Corporate WebTv
  an international in-house online magazine
  a worldwide Intranet.

The first step that has been achieved is the multi-national, multilingual Corporate WebTv, while the international in-house magazine is planned for start in 2016 and the worldwide Intranet is at present in the feasibility study phase.


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Thirteen years of Corporate Television

The bank started its Corporate WebTv in 2002.
It was addressed to Italian Employees and in the course of time it underwent a significant evolution, both from the technological and the editorial points of view.
Based at first on live broadcast, the WebTv added after a few years an on-demand channel, structured in different formats, and finally turned to on-demand only (while saving the possibility to broadcast live emissions in case of need). That made fruition by Employees far more easy during working hours.
In 2011, the Internal Communications Dept. decided to start the experimentation of an International WebTv Channel in English addressed to about 1,000 non-Italian Employees belonging to our Corporate & Investment Banking Division network worldwide.
At the same time, the whole WebTv shifted to a brand new technological platform provided by Brightcove.
Two years later, on November 27th, 2013, it was extended to all the Employees of our International Subsidiary Banks Division, about 24,000 people.
That means 22 profiled channels serving all the Countries in which the Group is present either with its Corporate Network or a Subsidiary Bank (Italy is served by 1 national and several regional ones).
Multi-device fruition and the possibility to access the WebTv both from office and elsewhere add value to the tool.

The WebTv at a glance

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Profiled channels

Employees can access from office by clicking on buttons in their Intranets’ home pages (here below the Italian one).

Sem nome 2.2

Each “nation” in the Group have access to its own profiled channel, in which people can find both local and international programs.

Sem nome 2.3

The multi-lingual solution

Our WebTv “speaks” 12 different languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Egyptian, English, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian.
Programs can be produced in any of the available languages.
Once a video has been shooted and edited, a professional translation is provided for each of the channels that will be chosen for publishing the video.

In general we refer to subtitles rather than voice over, since the great differences among our languages has been proved to introduce a “visual noise” in fruition.

Sem nome 2.4

Thanks to this approach, on the occasion of the Group’s Business Plan presentation, in 2014, the CEO Carlo Messina held a message and a presentation that everyone in the Group could follow.

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Group and local productions
The programs production is entirely managed by Internal Communications.
A Media Center based in Milan runs the I.C. media acting as publishing desk and technical supervisor, while I.C. professionals take care of the Company Departments communication needs, from consultancy to “products” (news for the Intranet, articles for the in-house online magazine Mosaico, the WebTv programs, events, etc.).
The Subsidiary Banks have on their turn I.C. resources that, in coordination with the International Subsidiary Banks Division and the Group Internal Communications Dept., are in charge of local I.C. activities, including the WebTv.
As for the last one, central support is granted and the final production and program publishing is managed by the Group unit for both the Group and the local channels.

Contents, Formats, Format Subscription

The WebTv contents are organized into 32 format by issues and topics.
The main content types concern strategies, business, services and products, cultural themes, employees’ work-life balance, health services, afterhours Company activities (such as sports, company clubbing, travels, etc).
Users can subscribe to one or more formats they’re interested in, and from then on they can receive a periodical e-mail signalling new programs in the format.

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Free and full fruition

The WebTv evolution has been based on a Brightcove platform, jointly managed by Intesa Sanpaolo IT Dept., which expecially takes care of security.
Thans to the technological solutions adopted, the WebTv allows a really free and full fruition: all the contents are available anywhere, anytime and on any device: in office, in mobility, at home, out of the office, on the pc, smartphone, tablet.

See the video file for examples of multi-device fruition.

Measurement tools

The WebTv adopts two different and complementary audience measurement tools.
The ones provided by Brightcove allow, e.g., to measure minute-by-minute the fruition of a program, while Google analytics tools offer peak span measures and geographical audience analysis.
Quality feedback surveys are carried out when major programs – either of local or general interest – are issued. Besides, our local Internal Communications Colleagues provide feedback coming from spontaneous or solicited comments by employees, who can also click on a “like” button while watching a program.