Each year FEIEA awards a restricted number of Diplomas of Honour, in recognition of outstanding services in the promotion of better business communications in Europe.


This year 2016 the awarded professionals where:

  • Barbara Montepilli (Events and Internal Communication Director at Poste Italiane) appointed by ASCAI – Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Comunicazione Aziendale in Italia (Italy):


“Born in Milan but living in Rome, since 2008 Barbara Montepilli has been employed at Poste Italiane where for seven years she held the position of Communication Director of PosteMobile, the mobile phone services unit of the Group, right from its inception.
Previously, over a period of twenty years, she held a variety of managerial positions within the communication sector of large corporations: Capitalia, Enel.si, Ipse 2000, Wind, and Istituto Scientifico San Raffaele.
Today, she is the. She was appointed to this role on March 2015, and since then she developed the internal communication plan for the corporation that impacted 143,000 employees, accompanying this major process of change also to a corporate-culture change in line with the Poste 2020 Industrial Plan and listing into the Stock Exchange.
It is in this context that the new internal identity system “Noi di Poste” (“We are Poste”) is rooted, consistent with the external communication campaign “Il cambiamento siamo noi” (“We are the Change”) that gives value to the identity and principles of the largest public company in the country. The employees become true protagonists of this change thanks to experience, passion, confidence, ability to listen, and innovation made available to individuals and businesses.”

  • Daniel L. Ambühl (SVIC-ASCI President, FEIEA Council Chairman and Erwin-Blaser foundation Secretary) appointed by SVIK | ASCI Schweizerischer Verband für interne und integrierte Kommunikation (Switzerland):

daniel-l-ambuhl-photo-ii“The Swiss Association of Internal and Integrated Communication (SVIK/ASCI) is honoring Mr. Daniel L. Ambühl with the international FEIEA Diploma of Honour for his outstanding work in communication matters in Switzerland and other European countries.
Daniel L. Ambühl has earned the Swiss diploma in communication and administration and completed the Swiss course for company management at the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He teaches and publishes in German, French and English and speaks other languages.
During his career he was employed in management positions in the heavy industry, consumer electronics and the financial sector. He also worked for several years in the management of the Bernese Liberal Democratic Party. During more than two decades he served as Director of the Swiss National Bank where he was also employed, inter alia, as vice-chairman of the information office for export financing questions, as federal banker and in projects of various Swiss and international central bank projects.
From the beginning of the 1980s onwards he shared fresh ideas, new concepts and strategies in the field of communications and remarkably influenced the Swiss media world. Since then, his education and training programs for leadership and corporate communications have been taken over by many institutions in Switzerland and abroad. Since seventeen years he is President of the Swiss Association for Internal and Integrated Communication (SVIK) and since 2005 he is President of the Council of the European Association for Internal Communication (FEIEA). In 2008 he founded his own company and became active as an independent consultant for corporate and administrative communications as well as project management. He furthermore is secretary general of the Erwin-Blaser-Foundation.”

  • Pedro Rodrigues (Desafio Global Ativism CEO) appointed by APCE – Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa (Portugal):

pedro-rodrigues-photo“The name of Pedro Rodrigues, in the area of ​​corporate events, can be said that, it lacks presentations.

Founder of the agency Desafio Global Ativism, created in 2001, which is the most internationally awarded Portuguese event agency, has in its course an enviable track record of projects and clients.

Touching the hearts of customers but above all creating unique and memorable moments has been his goal and the team he leads, which has earned him dozens of awards, many at European level, such as the European Best Event Awards.”