FIKOM – Foreningen for Intern Kommunikation
President and FEIEA link: Henrik Vinther
Address: Bækmosen 16, 2670 Greve – Denmark
Phone: +45-4369 3832

Description of the association 

The members of the Danish Association of Internal Communication (FIK, former dp) represent trade, industry and the public sector. The Association celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1997. There are about 180 companies/organisations that are represented among the membership.

Our main objectives

• to improve internal communications, for example the quality of house magazines/newsletters and intranet.

• to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience among members.

• to enhance the understanding of the value of internal communications

We hold six to ten member meetings per year. We organise training and seminars with lecturers from the media and educational institutions. We keep members updated through the FIKOM magazine ‘dpechen’. Member meetings are usually held at the premises of one of the member companies/organisations and often include a presentation of their communications activities. Professional experts are invited to speak at the member meetings on topics of general interest to communicators, also more controversial issues. Once a year, FIKOM arranges a social and cultural event. Examples are visits to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the ‘Arken’ Museum of Modern Art and the Tivoli Gardens. Another recurring event is the ‘photo safari’ where members bring their camera, are supplied with a film and given a set subject and angle – for instance, City of Copenhagen sights or pictures from the Zoo. The results are reviewed by a professional photographer and at a subsequent member meeting comments and good advice are given and prizes are awarded.

Our services 

The FIKOM publications include ‘Industrial Editor’s Handbook’ (DKK 245, in Danish) and ‘Personalebladet’, the Association’s jubilee publication, including articles by leading Danish communicators and media people (DKK 175, in Danish). The executive committee whose members are elected at the annual convention in September carries out the daily business of the Association. The committee’s work is guided by a set of regulations. The annual convention is the supreme authority of the Association. To contact FIKOM, please write/mail our Chairman, Henrik Vinther, or use our mailbox:

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Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
FIKOM – Foreningen for Intern Kommunikation
Henrik Vinther
Bækmosen 16, 2670 Greve