FEIEA, the European Association for Internal Communication, is dedicated to supporting and encouraging co-operation and best practice among its national member associations.

As professional communicators, we promote the highest standards in working together and in dealing with business, economic, academic and social organizations across Europe.

FEIEA and its member associations have an obligation to maintain and uphold these standards of ethical conduct, across nationalities and borders.

The general principles in this code of ethics set out the professional standards expected of FEIEA and its member associations.

    1. Respect people. We are open-minded and receptive. We respect and value the worth of others, their abilities and contributions and are sensitive to cultural values
    2. Honest. We are open and direct in our communication. We will not say things that are false and we will not deliberately mislead. We obey laws, keep promises and honour agreements.
    3. Professional. We conduct ourselves professionally at all times, creating an open, trusting environment with our colleagues. We uphold the credibility and dignity of our profession.
    4. Integrity. We do not use confidential information gained as a result of professional activities for personal benefit. We are honourable and fair and do the right thing.
    5. Excellence. We will uphold and raise the standards of communication and creativity, striving to excel in all we do.

Art. 20

Ethics and Transparency

1. FEIEA, its members and its bodies have high ethics and transparency standards regarding its associative and management activity as described on its Code of Ethics.
2. FEIEA reject and prevents fraud, interests’ conflict and abusive management practices.