SVIK¦ASCI-Rating 2019

Press release                             Bern, 1. Juli 2019

SVIK¦ASCI-Rating 2019: Test stand with a tradition for internal and integrated communication – open now

Bern, 7.05.2019 – The Swiss Association of internal and integrated Communication (Schweizerische Verband für interne und integrierte Kommunikation/Association Suisse de la communication interne et integrée [SVIK¦ASCI] is celebrating its 75th anniversary on 21th November 2019 in Zurich. SVIK¦ASCI has a long tradition in testing internal and integrated business communication. All rating steps are documented and hearings are held with the jury in November 2019. The SVIK¦ASCI Rating is open to business, to NGOs, administrations and all other organizations.

For more items of information see, mail to svik@bluewin.chor contact via phone 0041 31 301 24 24.

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