Creating happiness at work for organizational success

Happiness at work is about far more than job satisfaction, free fruit, a games area or employee surveys. It also relies on clear purpose, relationships, trust and communication, said Griet Deca, Chief Happiness Officer and co‐founder of Belgian firm, Tryangle, at FEIEA’s final showcase webinar. This was the final session in FEIEA’s Lasting Impacts: Lessons […]

Video summary: impact and lessons from Covid for IC

We are excited to share a short re-cap video from the first of our three part FEIEA webinar series on IC lessons learned from Covid-19.  Suzanne Peck, President of FEIEA, presented the first part of the results of the pan-European snapshot survey into the influence of COVID-19 on European internal communications. this was followed by […]

FEIEA survey: 80% say IC now more valued by their organisation due to Covid

FEIEA has released the results of its snapshot survey into the influence of COVID-19 on European internal communications. The survey was carried out in December and January, primarily among FEIEA’s national member associations to find the bigger picture view. The most important finding was that 80% of respondents say that IC is more valued by […]

First FEIEA showcase event held

The first of three FEIEA showcase events on IC lessons learned from Covid-19 and future impacts kicked off today with insightful experiences and practical tips from Sibelga in Belgium and Tata Steel in the UK. Almost 40 people from seven European countries attended the webinar which was free to FEIEA’s national member associations. Serena Galeone, […]

Insights from Swiss survey shared

FEIEA’s webinar series on IC lessons learned in the past year and a look into the future is starting in only two days! Daniël Ambühl, the President of the Swiss association of internal communicators (SVIK) will talk about the results and specific insights of the SVIK-Rating survey and their view for the future of IC. […]

Blending the boundaries on social media

What is happening to boundaries between personal and professional persona on social media? Can internal communication help to identify a pattern and a strategy to deal with it? To find out join Ida Sirolli, Head of IC at TIM (Italy), on 24 March  – the second event of FEIEA’s webinar series on IC lessons learned […]

Focusing leadership: FEIEA webinar series

Hear how Tim Rutter, Head of Internal Communications at the UK’s Tata Steel, enhanced leadership communication through the pandemic and how they harnessed external channels to communicate internal content. Join him on the first day of FEIEA’s webinar series on IC lessons learned and lasting impacts, starting on 17 March. Book here:

Reaching frontline workers for vital communications

Sebastjan Šik, Head of PR in the Slovenian Port of Koper, will talk on 24 March at FEIEA’s showcase event about how communication during the Covid-19 pandemic was adapted to their 1,400 employees, who are scattered over an area of 280 acres, mostly with no access to a computer. This is the second of three […]

How to create happiness at work post-Covid

Want to hear what the 2019 “Happiness Personality of the Year” has to say about the workplace during the pandemic? Join Griet Deca, Tryangle Chief Happiness Officer on 31 March at FEIEA’s webinar series on IC lessons learned during Covid-19. As a CHO, Griet helps employers and employees transform toxic stress and absenteeism into well-being and […]

Lessons learned from Covid – Belgian speaker announced

Join Serena Galeone, PR Officer & Spokesperson at Sibelga, Belgian distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas, on 17 March as she talks about how lessons learned in IC last year have enabled them to face the second lockdown more efficiently. Serena is speaking at the first of our three one-hour online webinars on […]