Webinar series: IC lessons learned during Covid – booking open

We all saw the effect that more impactful and human internal communication had on employees during the pandemic. Internal communication once again proved to be a crucial factor in a heightened level of connection and engagement during difficult times. So what lasting lessons and impacts can we learn and use? In LASTING IMPACTS: LESSONS LEARNED […]

Call to action for IC in Covid times

FEIEA member, the UK’s IoIC, has published a 9 point ‘call to action’ for internal communicators to meet the continuing challenges of Covid-19 communications. From communicating with transparency to being an exchange for ideas, and connecting messages, it ends with the call that ‘our time is now’. The guidance was gathered as part of a […]

FEIEA in 2021

After putting most of our activities on hold, the FEIEA team is  now planning its activities for 2021. We intend to hold our annual Grand Prix awards competition later in the year, but before then we have an IC showcase webinar featuring some excellent case studies of best practice internal communication from around our European […]

Former Secretary General Goodbye

Thank you and see you soon! Dear members of FEIEA, After more than 6 years and 2 mandates as FEIEA Secretary General, it’s time to say goodbye and to welcome a new crew for FEIEA. Despite all difficulties that non profit organizations need to face, despite all the non conformities detected within FEIEA Back Office, I believe […]

FEIEA New Statutes

  Art. 20 Ethics and Transparency 1. FEIEA, its members and its bodies have high ethics and transparency standards regarding its associative and management activity as described on its Code of Ethics.2. FEIEA reject and prevents fraud, interests’ conflict and abusive management practices. It is our duty to communicate that last 13 November 2019 Mr. […]

2019 Grand Prix Awards shortlist revealed

After three stages of reviewing, discussing and deciding, this year’s FEIEA Grand Prix 2019 award shortlist is announced! Fifty successful entries from Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have made the shortlist for the 12 different categories. The winners will be announced on 21 November in Zurich, Switzerland […]

SVIK / ASCI-Rating 2019

ASCI-Rating 2019: Internal Communication – Demonstrate Which importance you attach to the performance of your employees. Ladies and gentlemen, ASCI, in this year of its 75th anniversary, is once again organizing its well-known ASCI-Rating. By participating in the ASCI-Rating, especially this anniversary year, prove that your internal and integrated business communication is at the forefront […]

New research report identifies effective models for IC measurement

A new research report on measurement and ROI for internal communication has been launched to help IC people address the big gap in measuring what they create and deliver. It supports the recent FEIEA/ASCAI research findings that showed that only a third of organisations throughout Europe measure their internal communication work.   The new UK […]