It’s easy to enter.

  1. Please read in the 2015 FEIEA Grand Prix Entry Pack the information page for each of the classes you wish to enter;
  2. Complete the online entry form (CLICK HERE);
  3. You will receive a confirmation email and FEIEA’s back-office will ask you for all the documents needed to support your entry;
  4. FEIEA or your National Association will issue a participation invoice;
  5. Please pay the invoice as soon as you receive it and check that payment has been made;
  6. Relax! Once we receive the payment, your entry will be accepted in the competition.


Closing date for entries: 22nd August 2015 (see your national representative).

Competition rules:

  • Entries must have been produced between 1st of June 2014 and 31st of May 2015;
  • You can submit as many entries as you wish;
  • Entries in the intranet and digital communication classes must be accessible to judges at each stage of judging;
  • If you enter the multi-language publication category, you must send the documents requested  in each languages that the material was produced;
  • Video (VHS) tapes cannot be accepted. Please use an electronic format for entries in the electronic communication classes, or as supporting material for the event and strategy classes;
  • If an entry has been submitted in the wrong class, your national representative, the director of the FEIEA Grand Prix or the pan-European jury may assign it to the correct class;
  • Entries will be assessed as internal communications. If an entry is produced solely for an external audience and serves no internal communication purpose, it will be disqualified. No refunds can be given for disqualified entries. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the entry is genuinely relevant to internal communications;
  • If there are insufficient entries in any class, that class will be closed and a refund will be given to entrants in that class;
  • No material can be returned to entrants.