The FEIEA Grand Prix competition seeks to recognize excellence at the European level and to promote the sharing of best practice in internal communication. In 2012 results were revealed at the FEIEA Grand Prix ceremony, which took place in central Zürich on 7 November 2012 at the UBS Conference Centre in Zürich

The FEIEA Grand Prix winners celebrated the best internal communication achievements from across Europe. In each class (category),  Winner, Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up were awarded and announced with some ex Æquo prizes

CLASS 1 (Internal multi-language publication – single publication)


Winner: Vivaqua (Larmes du crime) from Belgium

Runner -Up: Styria Multi Media corporate (More than content) from the Austria 

CLASS 2 (Internal multi-language publication – regular publication)


Winner: OMV AG Styria Multi Media (Move XXL) from Austria

Runner-Up: Boschzunder (Boschzunder) from Germany

Runner-Up: DT Group (Fittings) from Denmark

CLASS 3 (Internal magazine/news-magazine)


Winner: Crédit suisse (One) from Switzerland

Runner-Up: OMV AG Styria Multi Media (Move XXL) from Austria

2nd Runner-Up: Montepio (Montepio) from Portugal

CLASS 4 (Internal newspaper/newsletter)


Winner: Centrica Energy (The Energy) from the United Kingdom

Runner-Up: Hoffmann La Roche (My Roche) from Switzerland

2nd Runner-Up: Nationale-Nederlanden (Waterookgebeurt) from the Netherlands

CLASS 5 (Front cover design on an internal publication)

Delta Loyd

Winner: Delta Lloyd Group (DL Magazine) from the Netherlands

Runner-Up: OMV AG Styria Multi Media (Move XXL) from Austria

2nd Runner: Up: Montepio (Montepio) from Portugal

CLASS 6 (Photograph in an internal publication)

Service Publique General Belge

Winner: Service public fédéral justice (Just news) from Belgium

Runner-Up: Delta Lloyd Group (Delta Lloyd Magazine) from the Netherlands

Runner-Up: Si Mobil (Wired) from Slovenia

CLASS 7 (Use of a cartoon, illustration or other graphic image in an internal publication)


Winner: Si Mobil (Inside) from Slovenia

Runner-Up: EDP– Energias de Portugal S.A. (edpON) from Portugal

2nd Runner-Up: JYSK (Go Jysk) from Denmark

CLASS 8 (Internal electronic newsletter)

Grupo CH

Winner: Gruppo Ch (In’ChNews) from Portugal

Runner-Up: World Gold Council/Free mantle media (Full Circle) from the United Kingdom

Runner-Up: Université Libre de Bruxelles (Lettre) from Belgium

CLASS 9 (Intranet site)


Winner: A1 Telekom Austria (A1 Inside) from Austria

Runner-Up: Swisscom (Swisscom intranet) from Switzerland

2nd Runner-Up: BPost (Je suis 70) from Belgium

CLASS 10 (Audio-visual communication for an internal audience)


Winner: Infrabel (Merci) from Belgium

Runner-Up: BNP (Echo News) from Italy

2nd Runner-Up: EDP- Energias de Portugal S.A. (edpON) from Portugal

CLASS 11 (Face-to-face internal communication event – single event)

Siemens Portugal

Winner: Siemens Portugal (GSS Social Outdoor Walk the Talk) from Portugal

Runner-Up: Telekom Austria Group (TOG Annual meeting) from Austria

2nd Runner-Up: Danone Baby Nutrition/Top Banana (Danone Baby Talk Live 2012) from the United Kingdom

CLASS 12 (Face-to-face internal communication event – multiple events)

DHL IT Services

Winner: DHL IT Services (Virtual Management events) from the Czech Republic

Runner-Up: Telekom Austria Group (OPCO road show 2011) from Austria

2nd Runner-Up: Raiffeissen Bank (100 management conference) from Romania

CLASS 13 (Internal communication strategy – single issue)

Allman comunication

Winner: Mitchells & Butlers/Allman comunication (Good to great) from the United Kingdom

Runner-Up: ING insurance (Operation little house) from the Czech Republic

2nd Runner-Up: Orange (Orange 10th anniversary) from Romania

CLASS 14 (Internal communication strategy – ongoing)

ING insurance

Winner: ING insurance (Gold Rules) from the Czech Republic

Runner-Up: SBB (Implementierung internal commumnications strategy) from Switzerland

2nd Runner-Up: Siemens Portugal (Being sustainable is everyone’s business) from Portugal

CLASS 15 (Internal communication strategy – multinational)


Winner: Mercator (Corporate value cubes) from Slovenia