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Formed in 1955, in Copenhagen, as a non-profit Federation of European Industrial Editors Associations, FEIEA is now the European Association for Internal Communication, embodying co-operation among national member associations, currently in 10 countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

FEIEA’s main goal is to connect European internal communicators. It aims to speak with a European voice on internal communication issues at a pan-European level in dealing with the European Union and business, economic, academic and social organizations across Europe.

FEIEA’s independence provides a network of professional support for internal communication professionals whose responsibilities include communication strategy and planning, employee engagement and change management, as well as the management and operation of print-based, audio-visual or electronic communication channels.

It aims to broaden members’ knowledge of corporate communications subjects, encouraging the practice of ‘doing things the right way’.

The development and awareness of the profession of internal communicators is our main goal through the organization of our events, providing best-practice sharing and networking at a European level.

FEIEA exists primarily to connect and to support national associations